6 Mistakes to avoid when applying illuminator

There’s no denying it: illuminator is a must-have item in makeup. The product is able to illuminate the makeup and highlight the highest parts of the face, ensuring a powerful glow in any production. The technique has become the darling of women who are interested in makeup, but often the excess product or lack of lightness in the brush can generate the opposite effect and compromise the look. We have gathered the 6 most common mistakes when using illuminator to prevent this from happening. Check them out below!

1) Applying the product on the wrong spots on the face
The number 1 mistake when using illuminator is to choose the wrong points to highlight on the face, such as the chin and the forehead. Besides making your face look shinier, this habit may cause the areas that really need illumination to go unnoticed, ending the natural look of your makeup. Regardless of the texture of the product, the ideal is to give a touch of shine to the higher areas of the face, such as the nose, cheekbones, and eyebrows.

2) Not smoothing correctly
Another habit that can ruin your illuminated makeup is to apply the illuminator and forget to shade it completely, resulting in a heavy look. To ensure a natural look, the tip is to use thin bristled brushes with soft bristles, such as the broomstick, and blend it using short, quick movements. In addition, it is also worth using the trick of the dampened sponge to spread the powder well.

3) Exaggerate when applying
After discovering the right spots to apply the illuminator, you cannot make the mistake of overdoing it. Remember: the goal is to achieve a natural look. In addition, it is important not to overdo it with a shiny effect on other makeup elements, such as blush, to ensure a harmonious look.

4) Combine illuminator with bronzing powder
A frequent mistake among makeup addicts is to combine bronzing powder with illuminator. Although it is common to use bronzing powder when contouring, combining the two products in the same makeup can weigh down the look and erase the shine of the illuminator. Therefore, the rule is clear: choose one or the other.

5) Using the wrong color for your skin tone
When choosing an illuminator to call your own, it is important to take into account your skin tone. Therefore, black, brunette, and whiter women should make different choices. For brunettes, the ideal is to bet on shades from dark gold to bronzer. As for black-skinned women, products with a rosy background are the best option. Finally, light-skinned women can (and should) bet on shades of champagne and peach to ensure an impeccable glow.

6) Choosing the wrong texture for your skin type
The variety of illuminators can generate a lot of doubts when it comes to choosing your favorite. But the truth is that, as with the colors, there are specific textures for each skin type and its needs. For those who have oily skin, the powder illuminator is the most indicated. For those with combination or dry skin, liquid and creamy illuminators are the perfect match.

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