How to apply eye makeup: 7 tips for makeup beginners

How to apply eye makeup: 7 tips for makeup beginners

Eye makeup is a concern for many women, especially those who are just beginning to learn how to apply makeup. If you are part of this group, we have good news: with some tips on how to apply eye makeup, this task can be much simpler than it seems.

After all, a beautiful and elegant makeup doesn’t need to be difficult to do, and often, the simplest is the best choice. To help you get it right when enhancing your eyes with makeup, we have prepared a guide with tips on how to apply eye makeup for beginners. Come check it out and learn!

  1. Use lots of eyelash mascara
    If you want to know how to apply eye makeup for the day, eyelash mascara is an indispensable item. It enhances the look, is easy to use, and should be part of the production for any occasion.
  2. Prefer simpler styles
    When you are still learning, it is better to give preference to the simplest makeup techniques. This way, you don’t run the risk of making a mistake and ruining your makeup. Often, simple smoky eyes are better than a complex cut crease.
  3. Kitten eyeliner enhances the look
    If you want to do a little more with your eye makeup, you can bet on the classic kitten eyeliner. Besides being super charming, the classic line matches all styles and is the easiest to do.
  4. Don’t forget the eyebrows
    To leave the perfect eye makeup, it is essential to work on the eyebrows. Therefore, remove the extra strands with tweezers and use makeup to cover the flaws and complete the look.
  5. Illuminator helps open the eyes
    Many women forget about this item, but illuminator helps to enlarge the eyes and lift the look. The tip is to use a little bit of the product on the inner corner of the eyes and below the eyebrow arch.
  6. Don’t forget the lower part of the eyes
    Both eyeshadow and mascara should also be used on the lower part of the eyes. This helps to enhance the look and makes the makeup look more professional.
  7. Eyelashes are ideal for the night
    Most of the time, mascara is enough to make your eyelashes longer and more voluminous. But if you still don’t know how to do your eye makeup for the night, false eyelashes can make all the difference.

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