How to do eye makeup using mask: product tips + step by step

How to do eye makeup using mask: product tips + step by step

Eye makeup makes all the difference in your look and can even give your self-esteem a boost, even more so in times of social isolation. With protective mask, eye makeup gains even more focus, after all, part of the face is covered while eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyelids stand out. Want to learn how to apply eye makeup? Follow our tips and see the complete step by step instructions to learn!

Tips for eye makeup: products you need to have
You probably already know that an amazing makeup doesn’t need a lot of products, right? The most important thing is to know how to do eye makeup in a simple and practical way, so that you can look flawless at all times. For this, you only need 5 items:

  1. Long-lasting foundation: This works as a fixative for eye makeup and ensures that the shadow lasts a long time.
  2. Eyeshadow palette: just choose your favorite palette to make a more discreet or super colorful look. You choose!
  3. Eyeliner: you can’t talk about eye makeup without a good eyeliner to enhance your eyes, right?
  4. Eyelash Mascara: this item is indispensable, from the day to day make up to the most elaborate ones.
  5. Brow Filler: there is nothing more practical than filling in the gaps in your eyebrows with a product in the form of a mask, right?

How to apply eye makeup: simple and practical step by step
Many women do not do their best with eye makeup because they believe it is difficult and too elaborate. But a simple makeup can also be beautiful and sophisticated, see? You don’t need a lot of work to look even more beautiful! So if you still don’t know how to do eye makeup, check out this foolproof step by step:

Step 1: Start by passing a little bit of foundation on the eyelid. It will help in fixing the shadow, so bet on a version with matte coverage and long-lasting formula.

Step 2: Choose the shade you want to use and apply on the eyelid, blending well on the edges. With a straight brush, apply the shadow to the lower lash line as well.

Step 3: Use an eyeliner next to the upper lashes. The classic kitten eyeliner enhances the look and is perfect for any occasion.

Step 4: Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. After all, powerful eyelashes lift your eyes and make all the difference in your look.

5th step: Fill in your eyebrows to add volume and cover possible flaws. Remember to use a product in the same color as your eyelashes or as close as possible.

That’s it! Your eye makeup is done in a few minutes. If you prefer not to use eyeshadow, go straight to the eyeliner step. Another alternative is to use your finger or a brush to smudge the eyeliner line and vary your eye makeup on a daily basis. Finish by applying long-lasting foundation to the face, and on the mouth just use a lip balm or lip moisturizer. Put on your protective mask and you are safe and ready for your appointments!

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