How to make a simple makeup: 5 tips to create a quick makeup for everyday life

How to make a simple makeup: 5 tips to create a quick makeup for everyday life

Every makeup-loving woman has that simple make-up to do on a daily basis. But, for beginners, it can be a little confusing to define what to use in makeup to make a quick and practical look, while still looking beautiful. After all, when you are new to the subject, it is normal to get a little lost when it comes time to apply your make-up.

If you are part of this group, no need to worry: we tell you how to make a simple and beautiful makeup for everyday life. To help you with this mission, we have separated 5 tips on how to create a quick make-up without too much work. Come check it out and find out what you need to make a simple makeup.

  1. Know what products are needed in a simple makeup
    The simple makeup for everyday life does not need as many items as the party makeup. To do the complete look you need foundation, concealer, translucent or compact powder, blush, eyelash mask and a lipstick. Eye shadow or eyeliner are optional.
  2. Keep a separate case with your day-to-day makeup
    To make the day-to-day process easier, it is worth keeping a separate case with the necessary items. This way, you don’t waste time looking for your favorite foundation or lipstick when you leave the house.
  3. Concealer can replace foundation in simple makeup
    If you want a makeup with a very natural skin, concealer can replace foundation. Just use it under the eyes to cover dark circles under the eyes and bet on a tone of the same tone as your skin to disguise marks and blemishes.
  4. Leave the contour aside when it comes time to do a simple make-up
    Many women believe that a makeup without contouring is incomplete. But, in the day-to-day look, this step can be left aside to give way to a more natural look with just blush.
  5. Skin preparation is indispensable for a perfect look
    If you want to leave a perfect skin and ensure a beautiful make-up, do not forget to prepare your skin before applying makeup.

How to do a simple and perfect makeup?
Simple makeup for everyday life should not be too much work. Ideally, it should use fewer products than the more elaborate makeup for parties or special occasions. Thus, you skip some steps and speed up the process. Check out the step-by-step instructions for a simple and beautiful makeup:

Step 1. Always start by preparing your skin, that is, wash your face, moisturize your skin and use a facial sunscreen to protect you against the sun’s rays.

Step 2. Next, it is time for foundation. Use it only if necessary to even out your skin tone or if you want full coverage for your makeup.

Step 3: If you prefer a more natural coverage, you can skip foundation and go straight to concealer. It is used to cover dark circles under the eyes and to disguise small marks on the skin, leaving the face smoother.

Step 4: Seal the skin with a translucent powder, especially on the T area, to control oiliness and increase the make-up’s durability.

Step 5: Use a blush with a color that matches your skin tone to give your cheekbones a blushier look.

Step 6 – Use mascara to lift your eyes and give more prominence to your eyes.

Step 7: You can do a monochromatic eye shadow or a kitten eyeliner to further enhance your eye makeup.

Step 8: Finish the makeup with the lipstick of your choice and your simple makeup is done!

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