How to put on false eyelashes: 8 tips to apply like an expert

How to put on false eyelashes: 8 tips to apply like an expert

A makeup with false eyelashes has its value, right? And if you end up not using this very valuable ally of eye makeup because you can’t get it right when it comes to application, it’s time to solve this little problem with tips that will change your life.

We’ve gathered 8 little secrets from the experts, and now you can go for the false eyelashes without fear: by following the tips in the step by step instructions, we guarantee that the finish will be as natural as possible and your look will be perfect for any occasion. Enjoy it!

  1. keep all the items at hand when doing your make-up
    First of all, organization is everything! To avoid any problems when it’s time to put on your eyelashes, the secret is to keep everything you’ll need close by. For this task, already separate
  • eyelashes in the model that is perfect for your eyes; tweezers with an elongated handle to get a firmer hold; glue for transparent eyelashes (and we will explain why below); curvex to prepare the natural lashes; mascara to seal the lashes and, finally, patience and determination for everything to work out!
  1. Never forget to measure your false eyelashes
    One of the tricks for the perfect finish is to measure the false eyelashes to fit your look, and this may mean having to trim one side of the product. For this process, we have two tips:
  • To measure, remember that the part of the false eyelashes with smaller strands should be glued near the strands in the inner corner and the part with larger strands is in the outer corner. Do not leave any strands sticking out of the eyes;
  • Cut the false eyelashes little by little, always taking them to the eyes to see if you need to trim more or not. This way there will be no mistake!
  1. Choose the best way to apply the glue on the eyelashes
    There are at least two ways experts love to apply glue to the eyelashes – and the criteria for choosing one is basically affinity.
  • You can apply the glue to the eyelashes first on a clean plastic, glass, or metal surface, and then touch the base of the eyelashes to this glue – this will avoid excesses and accidents with the tube;
  • Or, if you want, you can also put the glue directly on the base of the eyelashes using the tip of the tube where the glue is. Just be careful not to “explode” and get your eyelashes too dirty!
  1. Use the curler on the natural eyelashes before applying the false eyelashes
    Ultimate trick for those who have straight natural eyelashes: do not forget to use the curler on the strands before putting on the false eyelashes, okay? This will help to leave all hairs (natural or false) with the same curvature and thus you will not have asymmetrical hairs in your look. Oh, and here it is worth a little coat of mascara on the strands right after curving them – after all, you can never have too much!
  2. Transparent glue is the best option for the natural look
    There are some types of glue for false eyelashes, but the tip from the experts is to always prefer the transparent type. You probably already know why, right? It leaves the finish much more natural and disguised between the strands and, thus, the makeup is as neat as possible.
  3. Count on the tweezers when it comes time to put on the false eyelashes
    Many people apply the false eyelashes directly with their fingertips, but this may end up impairing your field of vision. To avoid this, the trick is to always use tweezers to bring the false strands to your eyes, and then touch them exactly where they should be placed – which is our next point here below!
  4. Place the false lash as close as possible to the natural lashes
    The false lash should be placed as close to the natural lashes as possible. To do this, place the false eyelashes from top to bottom, not from the front of the eye, okay? Glue the middle part, then the outer and inner corners – one at a time.
  5. Finish with another coat of mascara on the natural and false eyelashes
    Now, to join all the lashes (false and natural) with an amazing final touch, apply mascara normally on the strands and leave the whole look very neat. This will help seal the work well and ensure that they stay the same, giving that natural look we love so much. Do you like the result? Now all you have to do is practice a lot so that the step-by-step will be even easier to do.

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